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Bug#386543: kmail: System tray icon disappears

tag 386543 + unreproducible

Le ven 8 septembre 2006 13:45, marcus@better.se a écrit :
> Package: kmail
> Version: 4:3.5.3-3
> Severity: normal
> The system tray icon occasionally disappears, even though I have
> enabled it in the settings. It doesn't seem to matter whether I
> select "always on" or only when there is new mail (and there is, in
> fact, new mail).
> When it disappears, if I close the Kmail window, the only way to get
> back to Kmail is to restart the application. However there is a kmail
> process running all the time.
> To get the system tray icon back, I need to change the settings,
> first turning the icon off, press "apply", then turn it on again and
> apply again.

it works for me correctly here, with plain kmail and with kontact.

does it has the problem on a newly created user ?
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