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Bug#386336: Kdesktop crashes when copying things to the kde clipboard under special configuration (patch available)

Package: kdesktop
Version: 4:3.5.4-2

I'm using KDE 3.5 on my Debian testing system (latest packages) in Kiosk mode.
When copying text or files to the kde clipboard kdesktop crashes. In fact
kdesktop receives signal 11 (konsole: *** kdesktop (3860) got signal 11).

I guessed it could be something about the configuration. After some time of 
try 'n error, I figured out that this is a problem about the
"editable_desktop_icons=false" setting in kdeglobals. When deleted or set to
true, kdesktop doesn't crash.
I've also sucessfully reproduced crashes on my ordinary desktop machine (also
Debian testing with latest updates): 
Just add "editable_desktop_icons=false" to the [KDE Action 
in kdeglobals, restart kdesktop (so it reads the updated kdeglobals), start
kedit, mark a text and copy it by using either the right-mouse-menu or the
copy-button to the kde clipboard and kdesktop crashes.

I've already reported this bug to the kde bug database and in the svn 
they've fixed the bug in a few hours :).
You may refer to http://bugs.kde.org/show_bug.cgi?id=133665.
Please incorporate the patch into the kdesktop package.

Thank you,

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