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Bug#385796: #385796: procedure showing the bug

1. Open kopete
2. Right click on a contact, then choose "Properties".
3. In the "Properties of Meta Contact" window, click on the "Change" button in 
the Address Book Link of the General tab.
4. In the "Addressbook Association", select an existing entry then click OK.
5. Click the radio button "Use addressbook photo (needs addressbook link)".
6. Click "OK".

The properties window closes and a picture is displayed next to the contact 
name in the kopete as well as the chat window.

7. Quit kopete (File > Quit, or CTRL+Q).
8. Restart kopete.

Expected situation: the contact modified previously should display a picture, 
and have an addressbook association in the properties window.
Actual situation: no modification done previously has been saved. The 
properties is as empty as it is for an unmodified contact.

It now looks as if the modifications do not even survive when I quit kopete - 
previously it was lost only when I ended the session.

I have created another account on the machine for testing this behavior, and 
the same results are observed (I used the same gtalk account). I don't know 
if it has any part on this, but all the contacts I have are on gtalk - I set 
up kopete to use a jabber account.

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