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Bug#385700: ark - cant open password protected (-hp) archives

Package: ark
Version: 3.5.3-1
Severity: normal

I can not open .rar with password (that protects both files and file
names, the -hp option to rar)

It dispalys error and archive error and that is all.

It should ask for password instead IMHO.

ii  ark                               3.5.3-1
un  guile-library                     <none>
ii  libdata-hierarchy-perl            0.21-1
un  lush-library                      <none>
un  musiclibrarian                    <none>
un  partlibrary                       <none>
ii  rar                               3.5.1-1
un  rar-2.80                          <none>
un  rarpd                             <none>
ii  sdcc-libraries                    2.5.0-11
un  unrar                             <none>
un  unrar-free                        <none>
ii  unrar-nonfree                     3.3.6-2
un  xml-resume-library                <none>

Rafał Maj
www.Raf256.org C++

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