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Bug#384106: crashes whole system

Le dimanche 27 août 2006 18:04, Bastian Venthur a écrit :
> AFAIK id does not eat CPU cycles. If it happens on my laptop, the fan
> keeps silent. I don't know about the memory, I'll try to investigate
> when it happens next.
> > Also, are you always using a certain protocol when the problem
> > happens, any fancy plugins, etc.?
> I'm using only the icq protocol. Jabber and MSN accounts are
> configured, but I'm almost always off line with them. I have no
> external plugins installed, but the history (Translated from german
> "Verlauf") module is enabled.

I actually had pretty much the same problem, but I was only using the 
MSN protocol. Unfortunately, once I finally got a usable terminal 
inspite of the load, my first reflex what SIGKILL rather than SIGTOP, 
so I don't really know, but I suspect kopete was on a malloc frenzy 
that caused intensive swapping.

Never had this with previous versions.

Rémi Denis-Courmont

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