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Bug#250743: bug present with krfb 3.4.2-2

Hi Pierre, sorry to come back to you so late.

I finally launched my debian with a non smp kernel (2.4.27-1-686).
It solved the issue.
So the issue is linked to real-time I think (pretty hard to solve then !)
Tell me I you need more informations.
Thanks a lot.


Pierre Habouzit a écrit :
Le Lun 22 Mai 2006 16:39, tkotb@freesurf.fr a écrit :

Hi Pierre,

I don't think it's a network / firewall issue, because I have another
computer that I access from the Internet the same way, and on which
Krfb works well.

This other computer (a dell laptop) is configured with almost the
same distribution (a kubuntu with recent Kde packages).

The two computers access the network the same way from another
gateway + firewall computer. On the main computer, there is no local

Another specificity of the computer on which krfb crashes is that
it's a bi processor.

could you boot a non smp kernel and see if that solves your problem (that seems unlikely, but the test is really simple for you) ? (or disable one CPU or hypertheading or ... from the bios if possible).

I need a way to reproduce the bug, a backtrace, a strace log, anything that can help understanding the problem.

to generate backtraces, please have qt-x11-free-dbg, kdelibs-dbg, kdebase-dbg and kdenetwork-dbg installed a please send the output in the KDE crash handler. without those information, I just cannot report that upstream's.

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