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Fixed in NMU of kdeedu 4:3.5.4-2

tag 267999 + fixed
tag 326619 + fixed
tag 347850 + fixed
tag 364193 + fixed
tag 365098 + fixed
tag 372112 + fixed


This message was generated automatically in response to a
non-maintainer upload.  The .changes file follows.

Hash: SHA1

Format: 1.7
Date: Sat, 26 Aug 2006 17:07:38 -0400
Source: kdeedu
Binary: libkdeedu3 kalzium-data ktouch blinken kwordquiz kdeedu-data kstars-data kiten kturtle kgeography kig klettres-data kpercentage kdeedu-doc-html kdeedu keduca kstars libkdeedu-dev klettres kmplot kalzium indi khangman kanagram kverbos kvoctrain kbruch kgeography-data klatin kdeedu-dbg libkiten1 libkiten-dev
Architecture: source all i386
Version: 4:3.5.4-2
Distribution: unstable
Urgency: low
Maintainer: Debian Qt/KDE Maintainers <debian-qt-kde@lists.debian.org>
Changed-By: Christopher Martin <chrsmrtn@debian.org>
 blinken    - KDE version of the Simon Says electronic memory game
 indi       - Instrument Neutral Distributed Interface for astronomical devices
 kalzium    - chemistry teaching tool for KDE
 kalzium-data - data files for Kalzium
 kanagram   - letter order game for KDE
 kbruch     - fraction calculation teaching tool for KDE
 kdeedu     - educational apps from the official KDE release
 kdeedu-data - shared data for KDE educational applications
 kdeedu-dbg - debugging symbols for kdeedu
 kdeedu-doc-html - KDE edutainment documentation in HTML format
 keduca     - interactive form-based tests for KDE
 kgeography - Geography learning tool for KDE
 kgeography-data - data files for KGeography
 khangman   - the classical hangman game for KDE
 kig        - interactive geometry program for KDE
 kiten      - Japanese reference/study tool for KDE
 klatin     - application to help revise/teach Latin
 klettres   - foreign alphabet tutor for KDE
 klettres-data - data files for KLettres foreign alphabet tutor
 kmplot     - mathematical function plotter for KDE
 kpercentage - percentage calculation teaching tool for KDE
 kstars     - desktop planetarium for KDE
 kstars-data - data files for KStars desktop planetarium
 ktouch     - touch typing tutor for KDE
 kturtle    - educational Logo programming environment
 kverbos    - Spanish verb form study application for KDE
 kvoctrain  - vocabulary trainer for KDE
 kwordquiz  - flashcard and vocabulary learning program for KDE
 libkdeedu-dev - development files for KDE educational library
 libkdeedu3 - library for use with KDE educational apps
 libkiten-dev - development files for Kiten library
 libkiten1  - library for Kiten Japanese reference/study tool
Closes: 267999 326619 347850 364193 365098 372112
 kdeedu (4:3.5.4-2) unstable; urgency=low
   * KDE_3_5_BRANCH update (up to r577498).
   +++ Changes by Christopher Martin:
   * Packaging sync with the rest of the team KDE packages. Update
     package descriptions, sync debian-qt-kde.mk and other CDBS
     stuff (should help building on slow architectures).
   * Rather than having packages recommend kdeedu-data, just depend
     on it.
   * Apply the still-relevant kstars/indi part of the kFreeBSD build
     patch (libtool is now updated automatically). (Closes: #326619)
   * Strengthen kiten's Recommends: ttf-kochi-gothic | ttf-kochi-mincho
     to a Depends. (Closes: #372112)
   * Fix kvoctrain description typo. (Closes: #364193)
   * Patch the ktouch French keyboard. (Closes: #347850)
   * Split INDI out of kstars, into a new 'indi' package, which kstars
     depends on. (Closes: #267999, #365098)
 8f331ec5becc55ca667c5b3878b681d4 1326 kde optional kdeedu_3.5.4-2.dsc
 a0eccb3c575cc4f6c08a6a30b45779a8 120627 kde optional kdeedu_3.5.4-2.diff.gz
 0d4cbe9230ba003dc312a0384ff17f25 18832 kde optional kdeedu_3.5.4-2_all.deb
 2b626db6014689b146caabaebbc7ad7a 22086 kde optional kdeedu-data_3.5.4-2_all.deb
 be02548df49047fa17b7a1828342cca8 360570 doc optional kdeedu-doc-html_3.5.4-2_all.deb
 cf8a94b2377258e3afa7ca790628b759 1988426 science optional kalzium-data_3.5.4-2_all.deb
 fabb6afea8b7f59991cb13f32e6dc9ed 1075246 kde optional kgeography-data_3.5.4-2_all.deb
 3f65aa9d0bf7af1c0061a511858ca291 1992282 kde optional klettres-data_3.5.4-2_all.deb
 340319c966f09c06599268452e51312c 6721608 science optional kstars-data_3.5.4-2_all.deb
 d8a991421f7261bb598463df704f0e87 12370054 libdevel extra kdeedu-dbg_3.5.4-2_i386.deb
 67b4bffa8a9ed8a5aac7a70793f80568 486812 games optional blinken_3.5.4-2_i386.deb
 529b07d80df9e8d9d98cbb1ed175f669 1462486 science optional kalzium_3.5.4-2_i386.deb
 68ad4afeb38ec58662082744e6d8ed94 647052 games optional kanagram_3.5.4-2_i386.deb
 ef0224922c98a732cebb7b9477ae2e44 333816 math optional kbruch_3.5.4-2_i386.deb
 92f66bddbf7be36288ffb3aa764d302e 410920 kde optional keduca_3.5.4-2_i386.deb
 3543cc672f5752ae8486fbbacf8d10e1 349374 kde optional kgeography_3.5.4-2_i386.deb
 7362021c81eb9bff55366ed0da3af32d 1503206 games optional khangman_3.5.4-2_i386.deb
 71154a296e9fae1bd329389d48674f1d 1870032 math optional kig_3.5.4-2_i386.deb
 8aa9eb45200df36b00f6697726ebc122 200122 kde optional kiten_3.5.4-2_i386.deb
 f065dced8d3114248bbf7f90093c3403 246216 kde optional klatin_3.5.4-2_i386.deb
 f3f944963292ba168cd3c8dc6d574133 706652 kde optional klettres_3.5.4-2_i386.deb
 fe8cfa1befbd8f81c14cde0727396f2f 539460 math optional kmplot_3.5.4-2_i386.deb
 994bab25de2131ab2e50fc4a54a2ef5a 570206 math optional kpercentage_3.5.4-2_i386.deb
 b6f74703db3ad5b68483c7f17fc677b5 3870006 science optional kstars_3.5.4-2_i386.deb
 877be015fe8fac341bed91bd2c89361c 1391632 kde optional ktouch_3.5.4-2_i386.deb
 88ec516db2abab703369de307e0174d8 381878 devel optional kturtle_3.5.4-2_i386.deb
 3c53b68ad3a99b897a2f8e825dcaab5c 445292 kde optional kverbos_3.5.4-2_i386.deb
 834e66d18e86613dfc881be0280fccff 1080386 kde optional kvoctrain_3.5.4-2_i386.deb
 ea3752dd743c9b39b14009e8aff98362 763114 kde optional kwordquiz_3.5.4-2_i386.deb
 8ddb1f1b334302275df5253dfb03481f 135978 libs optional libkdeedu3_3.5.4-2_i386.deb
 776e82e1b4483c8f3e9350e399c552e3 48074 libdevel optional libkdeedu-dev_3.5.4-2_i386.deb
 73c5438d2868f9ce467a8552b0763f2e 139128 libs optional libkiten1_3.5.4-2_i386.deb
 0762c4f700ae89ddfdde694e9d3d30b2 23204 libdevel optional libkiten-dev_3.5.4-2_i386.deb
 a25c54c81c0433a49da52de154b76172 473144 science optional indi_3.5.4-2_i386.deb

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Comment: Signed by Christopher Martin <chrsmrtn@debian.org>


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