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Bug#384038: kwalletmanager not populating passwords

I've narrowed the bug down to some extent. You can see the comments at:

Probably, if a similar bug is filed again, it can be closed as a duplicate.
Please let this bug remain open as it is not fixed.


On Monday 21 August 2006 21:41, Jeremy Shaw wrote:
> Hello,
> I had this same problem for a while. In my case the problem was that I
> accidently denied konqueror kwallet access. Konqueror would continue
> to ask to save the passwords, but kwallet would reject the
> operation. However, neither kwallet nor konqueror would notify me of
> that the request had been rejected.
> To see if this is what happened to you:
> 1) Open kwalletmanager
> 2) Go to: Settings->Configure Wallet->Access Control
> 3) expand the kdewallet treeview and see if the konqueror policy is
>    set to deny always.
> j.

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