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Bug#384207: Konqueror doesn't show empty directories

Package: kde-core
Version: 5:47 (3.5 Etch)

   * The /exact/ and /complete/ text of any error messages printed or
     logged. This is very important!

no error messages. The directory just doesn't display. instead, when I click on an empty directory in Konqueror, I continue to see the contents of the previous directory.

   * Exactly what you typed or did to demonstrate the problem.

Click on on empty directory using Konqueror (I normally have it set to detailed list view).

   * A description of the incorrect behaviour: exactly what behaviour
     you were expecting, and what you observed. A transcript of an
     example session is a good way of showing this.

I would expect to see nothing in the right panel when I click on an empty directory. Instead I see the contents of the last non-empty directory I was viewing. Even clicking the refresh button doesn't correct the display.

   * A suggested fix, or even a patch, if you have one.

show empty directories as empty - like Konqueror used to.

   * Details of the configuration of the program with the problem.
     Include the complete text of its configuration files.
   * The versions of any packages on which the buggy package depends.
   * What kernel version you're using (type |uname -a|), your shared C
     library (type |ls -l /lib/libc.so.6| or |dpkg -s libc6 | grep
     ^Version|), and any other details about your Debian system, if it
     seems appropriate. For example, if you had a problem with a Perl
     script, you would want to provide the version of the `perl' binary
     (type |perl -v| or |dpkg -s perl | grep ^Version:|).

Latest Etch version, although this has been a problem in all recent Etch releases.

   * Appropriate details of the hardware in your system. If you're
     reporting a problem with a device driver please list /all/ the
     hardware in your system, as problems are often caused by IRQ and
     I/O address conflicts.


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