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Bug#327618: dependency on libpq-dev for libqt4-dev


Georg Baum reopened bug 327618, since apparently libqt4-dev 
stopped having the needed dependency on libpq-dev.

I've been checking the packages on snapshot.debian.org, and found out that
the dependency was dropped on 4.1.0-2, the relevant changelog entry seems
to be:

  * debian/control: added explicit dependencies for libqt4-dev on the
    Source-Version packages libqt4-core, libqt4-gui, libqt4-sql, and
    libqt4-qt3support.  These dependencies were accidentally dropped in
    the last version.  Also removed some unneeded dependencies.

Apparently, libpq-dev for libqt4-dev was removed as unneeded dep.

Brian, is this the case?  If so, could please explain it to Georg?



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