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Re: New desktop features provided by new version of update-notifier

On Sunday 13 August 2006 00:24, Gustavo Noronha Silva wrote:

> update-notifier is a program made by the Ubuntu guys which puts a
> notification icon in the notification area and warns the user about
> updates being available, and allowing them to run update-manager (a
> simple upgrade manager tool based on Synaptic).

I think the Kubuntu developers have something along this lines based on the 
Adept package manager frontend

> This is done in Ubuntu by communicating with GDM through a nice program
> called gdm-signal, which was built using code from gnome-panel and some
> more written by Rob Taylor, and which is distributed in Ubuntu's
> powermanagement-interface package; I included this work in
> update-notifier as a private program, for now, but maybe we should add
> it to our gdm package? Ubuntu does not seem to have provisions for KDE;
> if our KDE guys know how we'd go about doing the same for KDM, let me
> know; same goes for XFCE and other desktops which support the
> notification area protocol, and would, thus, be able to run
> update-notifier.

Since this is an Ubuntu development, I would guess that they have their 
KDE/XFCE developers already working on it.

However, since this looks like a cross-desktop topic, a more viable solution 
for them might to draft a specification on freedesktop.org so it can be 
properly implemented upstream and doesn't have to be latched onto at the 
packaging level.


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