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Bug#381330: kdeaddons-kfile-plugins: .la file references libX*.la

Package: kdeaddons-kfile-plugins
Version: 4:3.5.2-1
Severity: normal


package kdeaddons-kfile-plugins contains the files

/usr/lib/kde3/librenaudioplugin.la  /usr/lib/kde3/kfile_lnk.la  /usr/lib/kde3/kfile_txt.la  /usr/lib/kde3/kfile_desktop.la  /usr/lib/kde3/kfile_html.la  /usr/lib/kde3/kfile_cert.la  /usr/lib/kde3/librenimageplugin.la  /usr/lib/kde3/kfile_folder.la  /usr/lib/kde3/kfile_mhtml.la

that reference a libX\*.la file as a dependency.
However, in the xorg 7.x.x packages, there are
no such files. According to http://bugs.debian.org/354674 ,
packages containing such references need to be rebuilt.
 Also, see that bugreport for details.

Please, just close this bug if the referenced file
is not from xorg (but has just a similar name).

   Jiri Palecek

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