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Bug#378908: kdebindings: missing comma in Uploaders list causes webpage misformatting

Package: kdebindings
Version: 4:3.5.3-1
Severity: minor

Hi folks,

*g*, sometimes curious things may happen: such a tiny typo actually
leads to malformed HTML on the Debian website:
| *** /org/www.debian.org/www/devel/people.en.html
| line 2666 column 190 - Warning: <riku.voipio> attribute "iki.fi&gt;" lacks value
| line 2666 column 190 - Warning: <riku.voipio> missing '>' for end of tag
| line 2666 column 190 - Error: <riku.voipio> is not recognized!
| line 2666 column 190 - Warning: discarding unexpected <riku.voipio>
| line 2666 column 81 - Warning: <a> escaping malformed URI reference
(In detail, a list of maintainers gets extracted from the various
Source / Packages files and will be included in webwml for generating
this webpage.)

Please, in your next upload re-add a comma in front of Riku Voipos's
name in debian/control -> Uploaders. :)

Thanks a lot in advance,

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