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Bug#378680: kwrite: data loss of modified edit buffer after CD-ROM unmount

Package: kate
Version: 4:3.5.3-2
Severity: important

Hello all,

editing a file on a read-only CD-ROM mount and then unmounting the CD
causes kwrite to pop up a "file has been deleted" (which is semi-correct
since it has been removed, not deleted, so the text should mention
"deleted/removed") dialog upon the very first click into the application
Whatever you do, after this event any file you try to save the edit buffer
content to (e.g. in home directory) will come up empty (0 Bytes),
and after the dialog the *modified* edit buffer will be refreshed to be
completely empty.

Very bad error handling IMHO.

This is with the kwrite wrapper of kate.

Retrying with kate causes a slightly better dialog to appear which suggests
Overwrite (heh) or Ignore. Clicking Ignore causes the not very helpful
dialog to close, and this allows us to save the modified buffer under
a new name in home directory successfully.


Andreas Mohr

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