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Bug#378185: Tiny buddy status (protocol + away state) icons take up too much room

Package: kopete
Version: 4:3.5.3-1
Severity: wishlist

The tiny contact status icons Kopete shows (the 16x16 icons that show
protocol and away status) take up a fair bit of screen space.
Unfortunately, they are not part of the same line of text that shows
the buddies' names.


It would be great if the status icons were made part of the same line
of text as my friends' nicknames, so the base of the status icon was
aligned with the base of the nickname line. That way, I could fit more
friends onscreen at once.


This would make buddy icons (display photos) shrink. To me, this is
not a problem, but if it is a problem for others, it could be fixed by
providing an "Enlarge buddy icons" checkbox in preferences.

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