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Bug#344871: kdm: changing Language option breaks keyboard input

Cleaning out my inbox and found this bug languishing behind. I
upgraded to 3.5 three or four months back, and the all three settings
of the LANG variable produce the correct behaviour. This bug can be

On Wed, Jan 04, 2006 at 10:55:00AM -0500, Christopher Martin wrote:
> On Saturday 31 December 2005 15:16, Itai Seggev wrote:
> > I started with the Debian pacakged kdmrc, then edited the file by
> > hand. I tried using the KDE Control Center as you suggested, and that
> > worked fine. Confused, I looked at the config file it generated, and
> > saw that it set Lang to he rather than he_IL or he he_IL.UTF-8 (from
> > the default en_US). I then restored my original kdmrc and put in he
> > for Lang, and it also worked. Thus, it seems to be a bug (why does
> > using he_IL rather than he break some of the functionality?), but
> > perhaps not as serious as I originally thought.
> >
> > > Also, if you have any systems/chroots
> > > where you're feeling daring, could you see if the problem occurs using
> > > KDM 3.5 from experimental?
> >
> > No chroots handy, but it should be easy to test whether setting Lang
> > to he_IL continues to be a problem in 3.5 as described above.
> OK, I re-installed kde-i18n-he, and changed Language=en_US to Language=he, 
> he_IL, and he_IL.UTF-8. All three seemed to work. I then hacked together a 
> KDE 3.4 setup. There, all "he" locales resulted in empty boxes instead of 
> Hebrew characters, though I could still log in. Not exactly the same 
> results as you obtained, but interesting.
> It would appear that something has been fixed for KDE 3.5, hopefully 
> including the problem you noticed. I'll leave the bug open until you can 
> confirm that KDE 3.5 works (or not), when it enters Unstable/Testing or 
> whenever you feel like trying it, since this is an important issue. Anyone 
> else using a Hebrew desktop with KDE 3.5 is welcome to chime in.
> Thanks,
> Christopher Martin

Itai Seggev, University of Mississippi, Department of Physics and Astronomy

In 1997 a group of programmers started writing a desktop environment
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