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Bug#364448: Work around for KMail bug 364448 (delete config files)

I upgraded KDE (to version 3.5.3)-- the bug is still there.

If it were me... I'd classified this bug as 'grave'.  As is, the package is unusable at *any* level of functionality.

Any case, I set to work on this myself and found a work around:

It amounts to three lines:
$ cd ~/.kde/share/config
$ mv kmailrc kmailrc_OLD
$ mv kmail.eventsrc kmail.eventsrc_OLD

The above effectively deletes the configuration files for KMail.  When one re-starts KMail-- the files are re-created and one has to re-enter all the config information (yes-- pain in the gluteus maximus).  

It looks like the KMail developers changed the config file formating and were sloppy when it came to transitioning between config file versions.



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