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Bug#373220: kdvi crashes on logout

On Tuesday 13 June 2006 21:58, you wrote:
> the backtrace is useless, please provide a good one by installing the
> relevant -dbg packages, or this report will be closed.
> thanks

Your reply is partially useless, please provide a good one by telling me what 
the relevant -dbg packages are and how to use them, or I won't be able to 

(Sorry, but your reply sounded a little harsh compared to the helpful tone you 
usually have on the debian-kde list..)

I've investigated a bit further and found out that the crash depends on the 
dvi file opened. I've attached a .dvi and the corresponding .tex file which 
reliably crash kdvi on logout. Just open the kdvi-crash.dvi with kdvi and log 
out from your KDE session. I've tested it on 2 different machines (one 
actually still using KDE 3.5.2).

And again, please, tell me how to produce a "good" backtrace. I'll gladly send 
it to you and the bug tracking system.

Kind regards,

Felix Homann

Attachment: kdvi-crash.dvi
Description: TeX dvi file


\section{kdvi crashes on logout}

kdvi reliably crashes on logout from a KDE session if this file is opened.


%%% Local Variables: 
%%% mode: latex
%%% TeX-master: "kdvi-crash"
%%% End: 

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