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Bug#372856: krandrtray does NOT correctly switch resolution on my setup

Nikita V. Youshchenko wrote:
> While trying to add xrandr support to Xvnc, I faced a bug in xrandr 
> implementation in XFree 4.x; maybe current Xorg also has it?
> Bug is that xrandr stores the moment of last switch as 64-bit value. Then, 
> in 'get configuration' request it sends this time to client as 32-bit 
> value. In 'set configuration' request clents should return same value to 
> the server. Idea is to check situation when other client has changed 
> configuration since this client last read it.
> Problem is with timestamp compare in implementation of 'set configuration' 
> request. It compares 64 bit values; before that, it converts 32 bit value 
> got from client to 64 bit value by guessing the 'nearest' 64bit value (see 
> ClentTimeToServerTime() routine).
> In practice this may result in comparison failure because of difference in 
> higher word. This happens at least in two cases:
> - if enough ime (about a month) passed since last configuration (or server 
> startup)
> - [much more probable] if system time went backwards at some moment (ntp? 
> date -s?), X server manually increases higher word of it's server time to 
> avoid server time going backwards.
> If this problem raises, nor xrandr -s, not krandrtray, nor any other xrandr 
> client is able to switch configuration until X server restarts.

Thanks for answering. However, problem is diffrérent there: xrandr works
and krandtray does not work. The thruth is that xrandr does display the
Mhz garbled :

 SZ:    Pixels          Physical       Refresh
*0   1280 x 1024   ( 342mm x 272mm )  *-19557
 1   1400 x 1050   ( 342mm x 272mm )   -19557
Current rotation - normal
Current reflection - none
Rotations possible - normal
Reflections possible - none

But at least if I do :
	xrandr -S [0/1] it works and does change the resolution.

Note that it is a dual head setting with mergefb option set. When I use
the same config on single head, the MHz option are correctly displayed.

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