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Most stock brokers give out their new issues only to their
largest commission paying clients.
We think the fun is just beginning with this stock.
The chart on  A B S Y  is a thing of beauty as it shows what we
mentioned earlier slow and steady upward movement.
It appears to us that the stock is in an accumulation phase and
might be ready for a big pop to new highs.
Can you make some fast money on this one? Put it on your radar
This company is doing incredible things.
Talk about flying under the radar?  Isn't that what we look for?

Date : 07.06.06
Name : AbsoluteSKY, Inc.
Symbol : A B S Y Profits of 300-400 % EXPECTED
Current Price : $0.95
4-5 Day Trading : $1 - $3
Status : 300-500%

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