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Re: Bug#369830: kmail: since 3.5.x now way to hide IMAP INBOX prefix

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On Thursday 01 June 2006 11:08, Juergen Pfennig wrote:
> Hi, this could be a documentation problem ... but kmail seems to have
> neither an up-to-date home page nor is the help of much use.
> Here some details:
> On my Cyrus IMAP server I see (as user cyrus) folders like
>    user.centauri
>    user.centauri.Archive
>    user.centauri.Current
> and as user centauri:
>    INBOX
>    INBOX.Archive
>    INBOX.Current
> e.g. INBOX is a prefix for the folders that actually contain my data.
> In previous versions kmail allowed me to specify "INBOX." as a prefix
> and the folder tree in kmail looked as I wanted:
>    Centauri
>    -+-Archive
>     +-Current
> Since 3.5 this no longer works (the prefix option is gone) and setting
> "personal" in the namespace fields does not help. The confusing tree
> looks now like:
>    Centauri
>    ---INBOX
>       -+-Archive
>        +-Current
> This unwanted "INBOX" is quite confusing for most people and wastes
> space on the screen.
> Jürgen

I agree this is quite annoying (my Courier IMAP accounts are affected in 
the same way).  According to upstream, the old "Prefix" handling was a 
hack, and with KDE 3.5, kmail now properly supports namespaces.  Also 
according to the upstream bug, this will not be fixed in KDE 3.5, but may 
be fixed in KDE 4.  I suggest voting for the bug in the KDE bug tracker.


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