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Bug#223673: bug present with krfb 3.4.2-2

Hi Pierre,

I don't think it's a network / firewall issue, because I have another
computer that I access from the Internet the same way, and on which Krfb
works well.

This other computer (a dell laptop) is configured with almost the same
distribution (a kubuntu with recent Kde packages).

The two computers access the network the same way from another gateway +
firewall computer. On the main computer, there is no local firewall.

Another specificity of the computer on which krfb crashes is that it's a bi


> tag 223673 + moreinfo
>  this looks like a firewall or sth like that problem. especially if you
> can't reproduce it on any other place.
>  are you really sure nothing can prevent the connection to run
> smoothly, either on your machine or on the remote one ?
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