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Re: Bug#321102: data-loss still possible with kmail 3.5.2

Le Mer 17 Mai 2006 05:30, Adam Porter a écrit :
> On Tuesday 16 May 2006 11:03, Christopher Martin wrote:
> > Perhaps a better solution would be disable dimap support in the
> > 3.5.3 upload, and make sure that the fixed package makes Etch
> > (which is looming). Daniel, what do you feel about this? Given that
> > upstream appears to be unable to replicate and fix the problem, I
> > think this might be the safest, and least bothersome (to all other
> > KMail users) way of dealing with this issue.
> Personally, I'd be disappointed if this was done.  I know the bug is
> present, but I rely on KMail's dimap support for my mail.  I switched
> from Thunderbird because of Thunderbird's lousy, buggy dimap support.
>  KMail's is superb, other than this bug (which hasn't hit me yet).

this is not acceptable for our users. I'm in favor of disabling dimap 
until that bug really disappears as well.

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