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KMail with RC-Bugs moved to testing?

Hi Devs,

I noticed KMail moving to testing, although it has grave bugs open. Was
this a mistake? I always thought packages with RC Bugs don't enter
testing until they're fixed?

Looking at #321102, I noticed that "found in version" is set to various
old versions but not to the current one (which is not that old BTW). If
this affected the migration to testing, it would look like cheating to
me in order to get the current PIM into testing at all costs.

I might be biased since I'm the reporter of some of the RC-bugs, but the
according upstream-bugs are still open (and still has 780 votes), so I
don't see a reason to assume this bug was somehow fixed. I suggest to
keep the bug open for every current version until the according
upstream-bug is closed. Since this is currently the only grave bug in
upstreams BTS I think the chances that upstream will forget about the
bug are pretty low.

Best regards,


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