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Bug#356073: kopete: Jabber disconnects constantly with "unknown" error

On Sunday 09 April 2006 06:12, you wrote:
> On Saturday 08 April 2006 09:53, David Schmitt wrote:
> > There is a new version of kopete unstable (3.5.2-1) available. Could you
> > please test if your problem persists there?
> Well, I've actually compiled and installed the 0.12 beta 2 source.  It
> seems that Jabber won't connect at all in this beta, and I just filed a bug
> on it. Do you still want me to test the package in unstable?  I'll be glad
> to if you think it's necessary.

No, that won't be neccessary. The only thing I would ask you, is to note the 
upstream bug URL by sending 

forwarded 356073 ...URL...

to control@bugs.debian.org, so that everyone can track what's going on 

> P.S. Sorry if you get two copies of this.  I'm often a bit confused as to
> whether I should send this to just the bug address (and should I
> use -quiet?), or to the bug and the person that e-mailed me (you, in this
> case).

Typically you'll want to send mail to <bugno>@bugs.d.o: This files the mail 
with the BTS and sends copies to all interested parties. Additionally, you 
can add a line 

X-Debbugs-Cc: ...email1,email2...

as the first line in your mail to the BTS, then the BTS Will take care of 
forwarding the mail as appropriate.

Regards, David
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