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Bug#275156: adding in "security" option into "Desktop" ignored by "Configure Desktop"

reassign 275156 kdebase
retitle 275156 kcm display module root and read only enabled
severity 275156 wishlist
tags 275156 upstream


After investigation and discussion on irc that you can find below, the correct 
way to achieve this seems to use X-KDE-RootOnly and X-KDE-HasReadOnlyMode.
But kcm display module should also use getuid() or KUser().isSuperUser().
A forwarded bug will follow soon, when bugs.kde.org add kcmdisplay will be 
added in component list for kcontrol.

12:52 < fabo> is there a documentation about desktop entries like 
X-KDE-RootOnly and X-KDE-HasReadOnlyMode ?
12:55 < EricCartman-iBoo> fabo, I also couldn't find it atm, what exactly you 
want to know ?
12:56 < fabo> i try to make display kcm module rootonly/read only for user
12:56 < fabo> looked at lilo kcm module and find these parameters
12:56 < EricCartman-iBoo> but it's the in my dell in the service right now I'M 
afraid let me see the backups
12:57 < EricCartman-iBoo> yeah true, it's related to that parameters
12:57 < EricCartman-iBoo> where you have failed ?
12:57 < fabo> i tried it and that doesn't do expected behavior
12:57 < fabo> i've got administrator mode button, but can change options
12:57 < EricCartman-iBoo> you've mimicced a working .desktop and it didn't 
work ?
12:58 < fabo> yes
12:58 < EricCartman-iBoo> you should keep track of being root or not in the 
code iirc
12:58 < EricCartman-iBoo> with getuid etc
12:58 < EricCartman-iBoo> but kcontrol should disable the whole widget by 
defualt I guess
12:58 < EricCartman-iBoo> it's been quite a while I can't really remember
12:59 < fabo> you can easily test adding X-KDE-RootOnly=true and 
X-KDE-HasReadOnlyMode=true to display.desktop
13:01 < EricCartman-iBoo> yep you should check if the user is super user or 
not in the code
13:01 < EricCartman-iBoo> 
13:01 < EricCartman-iBoo> see this
13:01 < EricCartman-iBoo> ctrl+f for KUser
13:03 < fabo> user isn't super user
13:05 < fabo> i can expect that display module doesn't check correctly user 
using isSuperUser() ?
13:10 < Riddell> fabo: kcmmodules have to disable themselves is they don't 
want to run in non-super user mode
13:11 < fabo> ok, so the only one solution to achieve this is to use kiosk 
tool ? or report wishlist to display module ?
13:17 < Riddell> fabo: fix display module

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