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Re: kdepim -> testing migration status

Le Lundi 13 Mars 2006 13:49, Rainer Dorsch a écrit :
> Daniel,
> kdepim is the only KDE component from 3.5.x which did not yet make it into
> testing. It seems that there are several open bugs (and the number is
> growing) and has problems on alpha.
> I am just wondering if you plan to upload a new version, do we need to wait
> for kde 3.5.2 or what is the strategy here? Is there a place where I can
> get this answers without disturbing you?

Sorry, I had a bad cold the past couple of days which kept me from working on 
new packages, and over the weekend I was waiting for the results of the GFDL 
GR to see whether I'd need to split out the docs into a non-free package.  As 
for the kmail bugs with disconnected IMAP losing mails, the problem there is 
that nobody afaik has been able to tell the kmail developers how to reproduce 
the problem consistently; and without that, it's very difficult to find the 
cause of the bug and fix it.  I'll try to prepare a kdepim upload tonight if 
at all possible, fixing the problems on alpha, and upload tomorrow morning.

As for the other bugs on kdepim, most are in fact upstream bugs and there are 
simply too many of them for me to keep up to date on the status of each 
myself.  You're welcome to help with this if you want (by forwarding bugs to 
the upstream KDE bts, marking bugs as already forwarded/fixed as appropriate, 
etc).  See <URL:http://lists.debian.org/debian-kde/2006/01/msg00215.html>.
Daniel Schepler

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