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Re: About incoming Kopete 0.12 release

On Thursday, 9. March 2006 08:33, Matt Sicker wrote:

> I'd recommend bugging kopete-devel@kde.org as well about this just to see
> if anyone from there is already packaging Kopete.  They might have some
> useful information regarding it as well (such as a beta1 coming out
> soonish; you can put that in experimental).

Actually we already have Kubuntu packages to beta, as I am (or trying to be) 
part of Kopete devels :). But I'm not really experienced package maintainer, 
plus now I have to rip whole thing from scratch and I'm not sure if it's good 
thing. Haven't noticed any volunteer debian maintainer yet, last time I asked 
it it ended up to some kind of joke ;).

hunting bugs ->
--- Jussi Kekkonen   tm_travolta(at)kapsi.fi & jussi.kekkonen@gmail.com

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