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Dear Respectful  One,
Address;lot 268 Rue de Bingerville Cocody Abidjan
Côte d?Ivoire

I got your contact through the internet web and decided to contact you for assistance. I was, until recently, a final year medical student of the University of Sierra Leone,West Africa. Early in January Last year, the rebels in my country struck our township and killed my parents in one of their attacks.
My late father, King George Abed Adams, being the King of the Town was a prime target. Fortunately for me, I was in school when the attack took place.  I equally lost my only sister to the rebels. When I got home for the remains of my parents and the subsequent burial that followed, I discovered a document indicating that my late father had deposited some $4.5M.United States Dollars with one of the prime bank  here in Abidjan Cote d'ivorie.
This money, according to the docement, was meant for the building of an ultra modern hospital  for me by my late father,when I complete my studies. Upon the discovery of this document, I travelled to the Cote d'Ivorie to trace the concerned the bank and to make myself known as next of kin to my father.
I have succeded in making the people at the bank believe that I am the next of Kin and all the documents related to the fund  are now with me. I do not know what to do with it but I have decided to contact you to seek your assistance in helping me to  transfer the said out from here to your  account and help me to come to your country to continue my education and so that you will help me to get the money invested until such a time that I will be ready to begin to use it. I am really desperate and in need of a help.
Let me know what you want as compensation for helping me to solve this my problem. Treat this proposal as a matter of urgency as there is war going on here in Cote d'Ivoire and I will not want to witness what I have passed through in my Country again.
Please I'll like this issue to be handled with utmost confidentiality as the killers of my Father are still hunting to kill me.
I remain yours sincerely,
Koffi Adams

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