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Bug#354266: libqt4-gui: Error loading MNG file(s)

Hi Paul,

I was just about to report this as a bug in the packaging of the qt4-x11
files, so I'll just append your report. We saw that when we linked to
the debug libs we got animated gif and mng support, but with the
optimized libs they didn't work. There are some missing files missing
from the libqt4-gui package's install file:

In the qt4-x11/debian/libqt4-gui.install file:

usr/lib/qt4/plugins/imageformats/libqgif.so   <-- Add this
usr/lib/qt4/plugins/imageformats/libqmng.so   <-- Add this

It takes a long time to rebuild (like over an hour on our 2.5GHz box
with a gig of RAM), but when it is done you should have debs that will work.

I think the problem exists because it is easy for the debug files to get
masked in as "*debug.so", but the non-debug files must be specified by
name or they are not included in the package.

Hope this helps!


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