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debian zeroconf group?

[Ccing maintainers of mdns stuff, please followup to debian-devel]

With avahi in unstable we seem to have a fairly capable set of
zeroconf/mdns tools in Debian now, albeit with some holes. There are for
example some things like mod_dnssd that are not packaged yet and some
interesting patches that aren't applied to some apps. And adding mdns
to /etc/nsswitch.conf is still being worked out.

I would like to investigate the possibility of adding a task to tasksel
that fully sets up a system to prticipate in a zeroconf network. That
would mean, you pick this task and you can resolve mdns names; if you
installed a desktop, the desktop supports mdns; if you installed a web
server or ssh server those services are published via mdns etc. There
is still some integration work to do before that's possible, but it's my

I think a team to work on this stuff would be useful. Right now there
seems to be no coordinated effort to put everything together and fill in
the holes, just various people working on their own peices. While that
scattershot approach has worked ok so far, getting everyone together
integrating stuff could improve things a lot.

If people agree let me know and I can do the standard alioth dance.

see shy jo, who is primarily interested in zeroconf for his home network,
            and as a way to improve the ad-hoc networks that he seems to
	    encounter more and more frequently at places like DebConf
	    and family gatherings

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