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Bug#353814: kdelibs-bin: meinproc is relicensing my code

Hi again,

Just to confirm:

> As for the cause:  I'm not too familiar with meinproc internals, but I
> suspect the culprit is
> /usr/share/apps/ksgmltools2/customization/kde-chunk.xsl.
> Around lines 90--100 it does look rather like the fdl-notice is being
> dropped into the documentation regardless of what actually appears inside
> the <legalnotice> tag.

If you comment out lines 90--100 (the xsl:template block that deals with
legalnotice), the GFDL link goes away and the correct notice is
displayed instead (in my example, it correctly states that the program is
licensed under the GPL).

This should give you a quick fix for the RC bug.  However, this is a
rather serious issue -- meinproc should not be arbitrarily changing
authors' licenses, and for some licenses (such as GPL) it _cannot_
relicense under the GFDL.  This does therefore need to go upstream;
I would be most appreciative if whoever is best in touch with upstream
these days could do this.

Thanks - Ben.

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