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Bug#302424: ksysguardd doesn't start automatically

When I start the ksysguard panel applet, it can't connect to ksysguardd,
because ksysguardd isn't running.  I have to start it manually.

I think this is a configuration upgrade bug. If you were running the ksysguard applet before, with a previous kde release, then the applet (or whoever does the configuration file upgrade) will not be able to translate the configuration into the new format.

So if you add the ksysguard applet to the panel and drag sensors onto it, you will be first presented with the question which kind of graphic representation of the data you want and then >>>the applet will ask you how to get to the data<<<. You can choose:

	* ssh
	* rsh
	* daemon
	* custom command

If you now choose "custom command" and enter ksysguardd into the "Custom Command to execute" field, you're set.

This is tricky to find out. I spend two hours on it before realising the evident. And I don't have an idea how to fix this.

  Tomas Pospisek
  http://sourcepole.com -  Linux & Open Source Solutions

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