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Bug#353199: Konqueror visualization problems

Package: konqueror
Version: 3.5.1

When I select CSS style layouts in Konqueror, using custom style layout, I 
like to use white text in a black background. But then, in some pages I can 
not see the text, because it is configured as black, and konqueror does not 
change it. So, I have to select the option "Use always the same color for 
texts" in order to see the text properly. But selecting this option makes 
links be black too, and Ii can not see the links. I select the option "Always 
underline links", but this does not work always.

I suggest that the option "Use always same color for texts" should respect the 
color of the links and the visited links, and change the rest to the fixed 

José Salavert Torres
Estudiante de la Universidad Politécnica de Valencia

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