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Bug#350863: kdeartwork-style - motif plus style missing

reassign 350863 kdelibs-data

On Wednesday 01 February 2006 03:21, David Fisher wrote:
> Package:	kdeartwork-style
> Version:	3.5.1-1
> Architecture:	amd64
> Motif plus has dissappeared from list of available styles after upgrade
> to KDE 3.5.
> Please restore.

This is a problem with kdelibs-data. It looks 
like /usr/share/apps/kstyle/themes/qtmotifplus.themerc had "Hidden=true" 
added to it.

It's not clear why, since the commit log states only "Fixing i18n", which 
doesn't make sense to me. The only possible issue I can see is that some of 
the translation strings in qtmotifplus.themerc are the same as in 
qtmotif.themerc, which perhaps caused user confusion. But this is only for 
the Comment field, not the Name, and I see no KDE bug report complaining 
about any of this.

So unless someone tells me that I'm overlooking something, it seems harmless 
to patch the .desktop file to make it visible again.

Christopher Martin

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