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Bug#346411: Kuickshow and delete

Package: kuickshow
Version: kuickshow_4%3a3.4.3-4_i386.deb   


Uptill version 3.4.1 (I'm not quite sure about the right version-number, 
anyway it was 2 updates in Debian-etch ago) when viewing a picture I could 
press the "delete"-key, that opened a box "are you sure" and then caused 
the file to be deleted from my harddisk. A very convenient feature.
But nowadays that isn't possible anymore: pressing the key does nothing at 
all and also in the configuration-menu "keys when viewing" this option is 
not available or even configurable. Only in "keys when browsing", yes, but 
that's not very userfriendly to say at least. 
Could you please reinstall that delete-key again into the viewing mode.

     Thanks and kind regards,
     Peter Holm

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