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Bug#344947: kdm: NEWS file not displayed on upgrade

tags 344947 pending

On Tuesday 27 December 2005 15:35, Ross Boylan wrote:
> Package: kdm
> Version: 4:3.4.2-4
> Severity: normal
> I recently upgraded from 3.3 to 3.4 in testing.  There is a
> NEWS.Debian entry about KDM (and some other things), but it was not
> displayed.  I have enables apt-listchanges, and in the same upgrade I
> did get NEWS items about other packages.
> I've seen this with other packages, and it is usually the result of
> some misformatting of the entry, which is supposed to follow the same
> format as the changelogs.  The format looks OK to me, but perhaps the
> problem is that the line identifying the version names kdebase rather
> than kdm as the package.  Since the NEWS.Debian file was installed
> under /usr/share/doc/kdm/ and not under /usr/share/doc/kdebase/,
> perhaps that is causing the confusion.
> This would be good to fix, as displaying the appropriate NEWS items is
> the way to put critical upgrade information where people will have
> trouble missing it.

Quite right.

It seems that apt-listchanges works if the NEWS is installed in all binary 
packages from a given source, so I've made the necessary packagine changes 
(which will be present in the next upload). Many packages also ship their 
NEWS this way, so it's hardly without precedent.

Christopher Martin

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