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Bug#343739: qt4-dev-tools: menu item for assistant

Petr Mensik <pihhan@cipis.net> writes:

> Is there any reason why Qt Assistant does have any Menuitem in some
> debian Xserver menus? In KDE menu i didnt found any of Qt Designer, Qt
> Linguist, or Qt Assistant. That doest bother me much, as its under
> Debian subtree. Still i think it might be there, because who else will
> try using Qt language than KDE programmer? 

Plenty, I'd guess, including myself...

> But maybe against debian policies, dunno. But what i look for is
> Assistant menuitem somewhere.  Its simple program, but its helpful
> when you doing something with Qt.  But i did not found other way of
> starting assistant, than from commandline. I think some menuitem would
> not do something bad, so why would not add Qt Assistant to help
> section or applications/programming?  Not everyone know he has
> installed it when he cant find it in menu. Will it be there, or there
> are reasons why its not already there?

There is a menu entry for it, under Apps/Tools.  This might not be the
most logical place for it, but the Debian menu hierarchy is a total mess
anyway.  I don't think Apps/Programming is appropriate since you can't
actually use it for programming, unlike the other stuff that appears
under there.  I'm open to other suggestions though.

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