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Bug#342461: klipper: bad interaction with wine applications

Package: klipper
Severity: normal


I frequently use wine to run a certain windows application on my KDE
system. Since selection pasting does not work between KDE and wine, I
have to resort to using the "real" clipboard (right mouse click,
cut/copy/paste) to transfer text strings towards and from that
application. Unfortunately, klipper interacts badly that way.

When I have copied some information which matches a klipper action
regexp from the Windows application into the klipper clipboard, the
klipper action menu keeps popping up at random intervals offering to
invoke a web browser or to do some other action with the data. This
happens even if the "normal" selection has been used to copy and paste
some information in between KDE applications. Somehow, the clipboard
seems to jump the queue and to want to be first again. This annoying
behavior only stops after I have used right click plus Copy in a KDE
application to overwrite the contents from the Windows application.

I am at a loss in debugging this, but I suspect that wine keeps
pushing the same content to the clipboard again and again, which keeps
again and again triggering klipper's action. Since it is klipper
misbehaving here (it should not repeatedly offer the same clipboard
contents for actions), I am filing the bug against klipper, asking to
sort this out with wine.

I can try to help debugging, but you need to tell me what do to. Can
klipper write log information about received messages and clipboard
actions to a file?

This is a recurring bug that accompanies me since KDE 3.3, and it
happens on current unstable for at least a year now.


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