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Bug#341687: Kmail goes sigsegv due to timing of user actions

Package: kmail
Version: 4:3.3.2-3

Using ix86 Debian Sarge distro.


When I start up my kmail it shows the default 3 sections  (mailfolders, list 
of mails in inbox, and the newest mail in the inbox). The first mail it shows 
happens to be gpg-encrypted.

My puter is kinda old and slow (it kinda takes its clock from the 50Hz 
mains-line ;) and thereof it takes some time for the decryption-password box 
to show up ((its the debian sarge standard distro Kgpg agent)). So before it 
comes up i click some other mail.

However this doesn't make kmail to stop the decryption procedure: the password 
box shows up and I think: "kk - whatever u want, stupid software - just dont 
crash on me!" and fills in my secret key password.

When I complete the password entry hitting carriage-return, kmail goes 

For me, this bug is able to show up because my computer is slow and because 
kmail apparently is able to enter some bad state due to timing of user 

But I guess it also can, will and has, happen(ed) on heavily loaded, faster 

Instead of this behavior I want kmail to do either: 1 - not accept user 
commands for displaying another mail before the process of drawing (including 
decrypting and such) of the current mail is done. Or 2: In some way kill / 
shut down / recall its routines (threads or calls or whatever) of decrypting 
a mail when a user selects it to do somthing else. Or 3: Do what it is now 
doing in a proper way, not going sigsegv - but i regard this last variant as 
a waste of computer resources and users time because apparently the user 
doesnt want the mail displayed (and also not decrypted).

Best regards,
Patrik Arvhult

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