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Re: Debian: Virtual Machine screensaver

On November 29, 2005 08:09, Artur Rataj wrote:
> Is this group for topics like that? Or should I ask on some other
> group? If yes, then on which one? Or could you tell me who is the
> current maintainter of kde in Debian?

We do currently ship the VM screensaver. This:


...is the result of the most recent query on debian-legal concerning the 
issue. I took their conclusion that the advertising clause was 
retroactively rescinded to mean that we could now use vm_random.c with GPL 
code (particularly since in vm_random.c no one seemed to claim copyright 
over any modifications to vm_random.c that might have occured since the 
file was taken).

This isn't to say that the situation could be made less ambiguous, by, say, 
updating vm_random.c. But I think we're in the clear.

Note that Debian Sarge did not ship with the VM screensaver; it's only since 
then that the saver has been re-enabled. The transferring of kdeartwork's 
maintenance from Ben Burton to the Qt/KDE group occured only after Sarge's 
release, but even had it occured before, I wouldn't have re-enabled the 
saver then, just to be safe, since if someone takes issue with my legal 
reasoning, for the time being we can back out fairly easily.

Christopher Martin

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