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Bug#337764: libqt4-debug: Building apps in debug mode breaks image loading

On 18.11.05 13:44:29, Brian Nelson wrote:
> Andreas Pakulat <apaku@gmx.de> writes:
> > On 18.11.05 10:20:54, Brian Nelson wrote:
> >> Andreas Pakulat <apaku@gmx.de> writes:
> >> 
> >> > Building QT4 apps using
> >> >
> >> > CONFIG += debug
> >> >
> >> > breaks the loading of any icons in the application. Remove debug and
> >> > everythings fine. This not only happens to the icons created for that
> >> > app, but also for the icons in standard dialog, like the QFileDialog.
> >> 
> >> Hmm, I can't reproduce this.  Can you test some of the examples from Qt
> >> and see if you can reproduce it with any of those.  The stuff under
> >> mainwindows/ seem like good candidates.
> >
> > Sure, just take the "application" example, add
> >
> > CONFIG += debug
> >
> > and run qmake-qt4 && make. The program won't display any icon, except the
> > one for paste. This is with an up to date sid and I'm having Qt3 as
> > default Qt (i.e. qmake == qmake-qt3).
> >
> > QTDIR is set to point to /usr/share/qt3, but changing to /usr/share/qt4
> > doesn't help either.
> OK, I see it now.  Strange I couldn't reproduce it the first time I
> tried.
> I wonder if this is a consequence of this bug:
> http://www.trolltech.com/developer/tasktracker.html?method=entry&id=86441


I thought you might be interested in my findings with the current rc1 of
Qt 4.1.0...

This bug (33776) seems to be gone, using the application example all
icons are shown when building it in debug-only mode (i.e. CONFIG+=debug

The problems with the custom widget's plugins are resolved kind of
a "strange" way I think. The release-mode-designer still can't load
debug-built-plugins, but qmake now has a debug_and_release config
option which creates a Makefile, a Makefile.debug and a Makefile.release
probably the same as when building Qt4 itself. Then you also need the

CONFIG(debug, debug|release) {
    unix: TARGET = $$join(TARGET,,,_debug)
    else: TARGET = $$join(TARGET,,d)

To make the debug-plugin have a "_debug" in it. Then both lib* can
reside in the same plugins-dir and designer loads the right one.

So the summary is: You can probably close all three bugs when you
package the next release, however I'd suggest to add a note to
README.Debian that tells the user that debian's packages are built with
-debug-and-release config switch and that therefore everybody who needs
a debug version of his plugins should add debug_and_release and the
above mention CONFIG-lines to the .pro-file.

As this is a summary for all three bug reports I CC the other two.


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