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Re: Bug#338119: fails to login with dhcp-address

On Tuesday 08 November 2005 04:36 am, Steffen Joeris wrote:
> When I login to kde and then run a "dhclient eth0" so that I got my IP
> I can't login again. So if there is a connection on an interface (don't
> know if this only happens with "dhclient") I can't login again after an
> logout. It hanges during the second step of the initialization of kde.
> When I shutdown my interface there are no problems and I can login.
> I tested it on two machines. Always shutting down the interfaces is not
> userfriendly.

After running dhclient eth0, can you check to make sure that your loopback 
interface is still up?  Logging into KDE either hangs or takes a really long 
time during the "loading KDE services" part of the login if loopback is down.


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