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Bug#330094: qt4-dev-tools: should depend on libqt4-dev

Ken Bloom <kbloom@gmail.com> writes:

> Brian Nelson wrote:
>> Ken Bloom <kbloom@gmail.com> writes:
>>>qt4-dev-tools should depend on libqt4-dev rather than simply recommend
>> Why?  All of the apps in qt4-dev-tools, AFAIK, function properly without
>> libqt4-dev installed.
> designer-qt4 needs libqt4-dev the first time it runs as a given user in
> order to configure itself properly. Without that, it can't find its
> widgets or templates. You can remove libqt4-dev after that and things
> will still work, but if you remove ~/.config then you'll need libqt4-dev
> so that designer-qt4 can configure itself again.

Ah, I see.  In that case, I think I should just split out designer into
a separate package, and merge libqt4-designer into it.  Then this new
qt4-designer package could depend on libqt4-dev.

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