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Bug#287811: kregexpeditor: exit when edit Pos. (or Neg.) Look Ahead

close 3.4.2-1

On Sun, Jan 02, 2005 at 09:49:53PM +0100, Jesús Roncero Franco wrote:
> forwarded 287811 http://bugs.kde.org/96185
> stop here
> > Ok, I am able to reproduce it. I'll have a look at the source code and
> > bugs.kde.org.
> Ok, so I have filed a bug upstream indicating the problem. I have also sent a 
> little patch for those who would like to fixit themselves (Warning, it's a 
> quick hack that avoids the app exiting, but I don't know if its ok to do 
> that). You can get it here: http://bugs.kde.org/96185

  fixed in KDE 3.4
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