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Bug#236585: kdm most likely should NOT use Helvetica fonts

close 236585 3.4.2-1

  issue has been addressed somewhere between kde 3.3 and 3.4 packaging,
I can't remember

On Sun, Mar 07, 2004 at 10:51:17AM +0100, Andreas Mohr wrote:
> Package: kdm
> Version: 4:3.2.1-1
> /etc/kde3/kdm/kdmrc defaults to using Helvetica fonts for some stu^Hrange
> reason.
> a) Helvetica fonts are not Open Source
> b) at least Debian (and Linux in general, it seems) is having two he**s of a
> problem with proper Helvetica installation (see Google Groups for plenty of
> evidence):
> if you use AA, KDE (or to be exact: Qt) doesn't list the type1 Helvetica font,
> resulting in choosing an EXTREMELY ugly font for kdm display (A.D. MONO).
> People sometimes recommend configuring the system to use Arial for every
> Helvetica font, since that one is more available (and actually available as a
> TTF in msttcorefonts)
> So either kdm should get rid of the extremely problematic Helvetica (there
> hopefully is a suitable replacement for this font, right?) or proper Helvetica
> font replacement mapping should be configured in a DEFAULT Debian install
> (I'd guess the latter, but that really needs to happen).
> I guess the kdm change would be an upstream issue, though.
> Thanks,
> Andreas Mohr
> (who really learned to hate the fr**kin' font mess)

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