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Bug#329713: kde should translate file paths when dragging&dropping to a non-kde application from media:/ protocol

Package: kdebase
Version: 4.4.2-3

The problem arises when I enter a folder via the media protocol (for
example using the "services" tab of konqueror when the folder is the
mount point of a partition) and I drag&drop a file from there to a
non-kde application. Kde passes then the file as
"media:/hdb2/somefolder/somefile" instead of the actual path (like
/mountpoint/somefolder/somefile) and as only kde applications know how
to translate that url to a real path, the file is not open.

I didn't have this problem in kde 4.3, it simply translated the
devices:/ urls to actual paths. The problem isn't also present when I
simply double-click a file. When i do so, the associated program
starts and loads the file without any problem, it seems to be only a
problem with drag&drop.

System Configuration:
Debian unstable, i686
Kernel 2.6.12
libc6 2.3.5-6

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