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Bug#328157: libqt3-mt: Qt's Q_EXPORT macro does not support gcc's -fvisibility

On September 13, 2005 18:27, Bellegarde Cedric wrote:
> Package: libqt3-mt
> Version: 3:3.3.4-8
> Severity: wishlist
> Tags: patch
> http://bugs.kde.org/show_bug.cgi?id=109386
> Here is a patch to enable -fvisibility gcc option in gcc and so in kde
> applications. Qt 3.3.5 doesn't have this patch :(

Thanks, we're aware of the patch, but have chosen not to enable the feature 
for the time being, since KDE still has some issues with -fvisibility. Rest 
assured that we want to enable -fvisibility, and at some point in the 
future likely will, but not just yet.

Christopher Martin

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