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Bug#326591: backtrace copy button doesn't work

reassign 326591 kdebase-bin 4:3.3.2-1
close 326591 4:3.4.2-1

* Ulrich Eckhardt [Sun, 04 Sep 2005 11:35:59 +0200]:

> Package: kde
> Version: 3.3.2

> Note: I know the related binary is part of KDE, but I really don't know which 
> package it came from - thus the 'Package: kde'. Feel free to reassign.

  /usr/bin/drkonqi, from the kdebase-bin package.

> When an application crashes, a dialog pops up that displays a backtrace of the 
> crashed process and offers a few options including a button to copy or save 
> the backtrace. The copying button doesn't work though or at least not as I'd 
> expect it to. When I press it, the whole backtrace is marked in the list but 
> neither is it copied to the cut'n'paste buffer nor can I do so by pressing 
> control-C (which is mapped to 'copy' in all my KDE apps). I'm aware that 
> there are two such buffers, one activated by selecting text with the mouse 
> (pasted with middle button) and another activated with the keyboard (pasted 
> with control-V or via context menu) - neither works AFAICT. Not sure if it 
> makes a difference, but I'm using fluxbox as WM here.

  This is working fine in KDE 3.4.2.

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