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Bug#318502: kcontrol, only rudimentary screensaver configuration

And again...

At this very moment I know what is causing this failure but not why it
does that.

I did rearrange the K-Menu using kmenuedit.  I did some tests and I
was able to isolate one specific action.  My changes included moving
/System/ to another menu.

There is no problem in moving the entries within System/ to another
menu and even not in deleting the empty System/ entry afterwards (I
didn't check deleting the non-empty menu).  It occurs only if you
_move_ /System/.

I checked the configs and it's less than 40 lines difference between
the success and failure configs.  I will attach a small file
containing three sample configs which can be put into $HOME of a newly
created account.  "Vorgabe" is the stripped down menu from which I
started the two tests.  "TestOK" and "TestNO" are the results of
differently configuring.

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